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Yoshimura Hideo Shoten

Yoshimura Hideo Shoten’s female toji focuses on the traditional Kimoto and Yamahai brewing methods, with a special focus on Koji making. This method highlights the natural umami flavors and delivers a clean finish.

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Kubo Honke Shuzo

Family run brewery with over 300 years of history, focusing on Kimoto sake brewing. Located in Uda, Nara Prefecture, the craft sake brewery's speciality is aged sake and a Kimoto Nigori sake.

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Ota Shuzo

Ota Shuzo has traditionally focused on highlighting sake produced with ingredients from their province of Mie. But recently Ota Shuzo, led by the youngest toji in the province, has ventured more into modern sake as well, launching the Hanzo & brand which is specifically made for an audience accustomed to wine.

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Hasegawa Shuzo

While sake brewing is traditionally a man's world, at the heart of Hasegawa Shuzo is a team composed of a mother and her daughters. With yeast from their native Nagano (the next province over) and collaborations with local artists (for their labels), Hasegawa Shuzo has a unique and delicious take on the local, dry "Tanrei Karakuchi" style of brewing.

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Tohei Shuzo

Currently in their 9th generation of operations, this brewery, located in the Chiba peninsula just to the east of Tokyo, is run by three brothers as a family business. The sake does its name justice; with ‘fuku’ (fortune) and ‘iwai’ (celebration) in its name, this sake truly is worthy of a celebration.

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Sake Generation

Sake Generation is unique in the sense that their main product, Ichido Sparkling, is not the product of one person's mind but is a result of having done over 700 tastings with industry professionals to come up with a sake that is approachable and delicious and can open the way for a new generation to enjoy sake.

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