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Meet the People Behind the Sake

Akiko Fujita

The first female Toji of Noto Toji, a trade group of skilled brewers that has been around since the late Edo period, Akiko Fujita’s specialty is the yamahai method of brewing. 

Katsunori Kato

In search for a brewery that would allow him to make the kind of sake he wanted to make, he became master brewer in 2003. In order to make sake with the traditional Kimoto method, he directed the remodelling of the brewery.

Ota Shuzo Hanzo Sake Toji
Yuki Ota

Yuki Ota is the youngest toji in Mie and is already setting new standards with his Hanzo & brand. After graduating from Tokyo Agricultural University and studying under a well-renowned Toji he took over the reins at his family's brewery in 2019.

Hiroaki Suzuki - Toji of Hasegawa Shuzo
Hiroaki Suzuki

Hiroaki Suzuki moved to Niigata with a strong desire to start brewing sake. After graduating at the top of his class from the Niigata Sake School and working at Hasegawa Brewery for seven years, he became Toji in 2021.

Norihiki Tohei

The middle son of three brothers is also the brewery’s toji and has over twenty years of brewing experience. Received guidance from the famous Nanbu Toji Guild.

What Our Clients Say

Unique sake flavors from local breweries that I would have never came across without Kurashu. Their selection is carefully chosen and they do an amazing job at matching your tastes with the right sake profile.

Mar C.
Mar C.

Philipp and Ben from Kurashu are very knowledgeable about sake, selecting the most interesting and delicious bottles from artisanal breweries across Japan and tailoring their offer to match personalized flavors of each customer

Daniel K.
Daniel K.

This concept is fantastic for people who want to start their sake journey and get to know their own taste better. Not only the quiz is interesting and interactive, but also the sake selection is great. Really good bottles.

Roberto M.
Roberto M.

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