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Light & Dry

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    The epitome of light and dry sake is Niigata’s famous “tanrei-karakuchi” style. These sakes are very light and usually not overly complex. They are easy to drink and ideally have a short, sharp aftertaste. They are a great place to start when drinking sake and often what someone would expect sake to taste like. 

    These sakes can be a good match with simple and light foods, especially when those are either predominantly salty or acidic (lemony or vinegary).

    Sushi and sashimi from white or moderately fatty fish would work well but also things like Pan-Fried Mackerel With Tomato Vinaigrette, or a simple grilled fish with lemon. Moderately oily foods such as Roasted Herb-Buttered Chicken can work as well as the sake helps to wash away the fats and reset your palate. Finally, anything acidic like Salt-Pickled Vegetables or a fish or beef carpaccio will also fit this kind of sake.

    4 products