Ishizuchi sake brewery building

Ishizuchi Brewery


Saijo, Ehime

Brewer of Ishizuchi. Founded in 1920 the small family-run brewery is located in Saijo, famous for its clear water. The family of four crafts excellent food sake which is clear and refreshing yet with a prominent flavor.

Brands Ishizuchi
Founded 1920
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Rice fields nearby the Ishizuchi Sake Brewery

Founded in 1920, the small family-run brewery is located in Saijo City (Ehime Prefecture), on a small hill overlooking the city. Saijo was awarded as one of the best water sources in Japan and is famous for its high quality water dripping down from Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest peak in Western Japan. The purest and most mineral-rich spring water enables brewing sake with a clear and refreshing taste, which yet has a core flavor.

Ishizuchi sake brewers

Over 20 years ago the family had stopped inviting a brewmaster (Toji) and the family of four crafts sake completely by hand. Each family member is in charge of his or her own sake, resulting in a very consistent quality of sake. Their aim is to create a sake that goes well with food while not being too overly aromatic. For this reason they add water in order to lower the alcohol content and pasteurize all their sake to stabilize it.


Hiking trail at Mount Ishizuchi

Mt. Ishizuchi (็Ÿณ้Žšๅฑฑ)

Nature Access from Brewery: 90 min. by car

Climbing the highest peak (1,982m) in Western Japan.

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Saijo festivals held in fall every year

Saijo Festivals (่ฅฟๆกใพใคใ‚Š)

Festival Access from Brewery: 10 min. by car

Join one of the three fall festivals, held yearly from October 14โ€“17.

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