Ichido Sparkling Sake

SAKE Generation x Ninki Shuzo

SAKE Generation x 人気酒造

Nihommatsu, Fukushima

Sake Generation is a project started by the current Managing Director Kaori Shimazaki and five others. Sake Generation is unique in the sense that their main product, Ichido Sparkling, is not the product of one person's mind but is a result of having done over 700 tastings with industry professionals to come up with a sake that is approachable and delicious and can open the way for a new generation to enjoy sake.

Main Brand Ichido
Founded 2019
Website https://www.1chido.jp/en


People behind the scenes

Kaori Shimazaki

Kaori Shimazaki conceived of Ichido sake during her time doing an MBA at the Booth School of Business in Chicago. Her unique approach to sake comes from the consumer side - she realized sake needed a more approachable image and decided to do something about it.
Interview with the Founder

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Spreading out rice for sake brewing

"We want to convey the appeal of SAKE to the world and to the next generation” is what Kaori Shimazaki says about the idea behind the creation of Ichido Sparkling Sake. The reality is that both, non-Japanese as well as younger Japanese, often find sake inaccessible and might have wrong notions of what sake is. Kaori wanted to create an accessible product that helps these groups of people discover and appreciate sake.

Steaming rice for sake brewing

That led to a collaboration with Fukushima-based Ninki Shuzo, a brewery dating back to 1897 that is well-known for its sparkling sake. The sake’s profile was developed together with culinary researchers and the VP of an ultra-luxury champagne brand. Over 700 tastings were conducted to create a product that fulfills Kaori’s original goals. The sake is brewed using the natural local water, local koji and the breweries’ expertise in bottle fermentation. The result is a range of sakes that can be paired with a variety of foods or can be enjoyed on their own.